Guess who came back to laugh at his friend’s sanity.

This guy.


~by Manri
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.


~by Manri

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.


Kingdom of Shu


Kingdom of Shu

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-clings and whispers- welcome bacck~~ o 3o

((*accepts the cling* Thank you~))


"It is good to see you as well My Lady."



((But yeah. .u. How are you doing Ang-Mun?))


((But I has school work and dumb people to deal with… And I adopted another muse too. .u. But I am getting Boyue woken up as best as I can.))


((I JUST GOT HERE! WHY AM I BEING TACKLED!!! D8 *is squished, but gives snuggles*))

I just want you to know you're the best Jiang Wei in the world and your Jiang Wei is my guide to roleplay him :)

((*LE GASP!*))

((I haven’t been on here for who knows how long… ;~; But I am so happy. Boyue is such a wonderful muse, and I am very happy that you have taken him up as well. XD))

((But, I gotta ask…))


          “My lords, ladies, I must apoligize for my sudden absence of duty. Many complications within the courts of Shu-Han had arose, and I had my work to accomplish.”

           “That and my Lady Mundane had other things to deal with…”

             ((I am sorry friends… I still am over-worked with school and my current family life. I will revive Jiang Wei very soon, since I don’t need to have him sit the asshat at all.))

Dragon-themed M!As

Albino Dragon: Muse now is, you guessed it, albino.
Arsani Dragon: Muse will give their possessions to anyone as a gift.
Balloon Dragon: Muse somehow floats in the air.
Black Dragon: Muse can now use a little bit of magic.
Black Capped Teimarr: Muse will have the urge to get away from home as far as possible.
Black Marrow Dragon: Muse will look dead to others even though they’re healthy and alive.
Black Tea Dragon: Muse somehow emits a scent attracting all kinds of insects. Hope you’re not afraid…
Blacktip Dragon: That date won’t happen… Muse cannot flirt, kiss, or do anything of the sort!
Bleeding Moon Dragon: Do not touch! Muse emits a strong poison, affecting anyone but themselves.
Blusang Lindwurm: Damn stairs… Muse cannot walk and will have to find another way if they want to go anywhere!
Bright-Breasted Wyvern: Muse can only wear bright colors. It’s time to party!
Bright Pink Dragon: Muse now becomes extremely flirty!
Brimstone Dragon: Muse thinks everyone sees them as worthless and hates them.
Canopy Dragon: What do you mean, I can’t climb up there? Muse might just find themselves up in a high tree or on the rooftops!
Cavern Lurker Dragon: Muse will be completely unable to go out in sunlight.
Cheese Dragon: Muse will think everything is food. Om nom nom…
Coastal Waverunner: Muse will grow fins.
Copper Dragon: Muse cannot leave the sunlight, or they will get hurt.
Crimson Flare Pygmy: Can’t stop! Muse will feel the need to go as fast as possible!
Dark Green Dragon: Muse will leave a trail of flowers, vines and grass behind wherever they walk.
Dark Myst Pygmy: Wait, who was that..? Muse forgets everyone!
Day Glory Drake: Muse becomes incredibly hot to the touch. Every time someone touches Muse, it becomes higher.
Daydream Dragon: I’m feeling….a bit….sleepy… Muse will randomly fall asleep, no matter what time of the day it is!
Deep Sea Dragon: Muse has glowy skin, scales and gills. Yay.
Dorsal Dragon: Muse can only talk about themselves.
Duotone Dragon: Right or left? Muse gets two different personalities, and no matter what the problem is, they always want to choose different things.
Electric Dragon: Muse has the urge to touch anything that’ll give them a shock.
Ember Dragon: Muse is sick! (Anon decides symptoms.)
Flamingo Wyvern: Muse will fight over absolutely anything.
Frilled Dragon: Muse is now a child!
Geode Dragon: Muse becomes huge! (Anon decides size.)
Gilded Bloodscale Dragon: Every time someone says Muse’s name, something happens [Anon’s choice]
Gold Dragon: Muse gains a metallic gleam to them, and might just be mistaken for a golden statue.
Golden Wyvern: Any metal Muse touches turns into gold.
Gold-horned Tangar: Muse loses their most prized possession.
Grave Dragon: Muse will sometimes uncontrollably attack others.
Gray Dragon: Everything is just horrible…. Muse becomes extremely depressed, with a raincloud following them as bonus!
Green Dragon: Muse becomes one of the dragons on this list (Anon decides which. Check for their appearance!)
Guardian Dragon: Muse becomes overprotective of [anon’s choice]. Hope they won’t get annoyed…
Guardian of Nature: Muse gains the power of three elements, chosen by the anon. Don’t piss them off, now….
Harvest Dragon: IS THAT FOOD?! Muse becomes incredibly hungry, no matter how much they eat.
Heartseeker Dragon: Muse used Attract! Anyone who comes close will be captivated by that sweet, sweet scent.
Hellfire Wyvern: If Muse is female, they become extremely aggressive. If Muse is male, they become scared of everything and extremely submissive.
Hellhorse Dragon: Muse just needs to release their anger and becomes extremely violent!
Holly Dragon: Muse becomes extremely cheerful and will try to get others cheerful too!
Horse Dragon: Muse cannot speak.
Ice Dragon: Muse becomes similar to ice. Touching water? It’s frozen over. Touching fire? It’s game over!
Imperial Fleshcrowne: Help! Muse will get scared of even the slightest things...
Lumina Dragon: Muse will think about nothing but dirty, dirty things. Too bad, though, since everyone they had those thoughts about will get to see them when the M!A is over.
Magi Dragon: Muse will be able to teleport small distances. Need to get to the other side of the room? Simple!
Magma Dragon: Fire won’t kill Muse anymore…. but they’ll still feel it! Ouch…
Mint Dragon: Muse thinks everyone sees them as worthless…
Misfit Pygmy: Watch out! Muse will play pranks on anyone, even their lover and/or best friend!
Moonstone Dragon: Muse becomes a werewolf.
Nebula Dragon: Aren't those stars pretty? Muse can predict the future, using [anon's choice].
Neglected Dragon: Muse will try and take revenge on anyone who has ever done something bad to them, no matter how small.
Neotropical Dragon: Muse feels the need to party all night. Wooo!
Night Glory Drake: Muse becomes incredibly cold to the touch. Every time someone touches Muse, it becomes lower.
Nilia Pygmy: Muse becomes hyperactive, and will constantly bug a person of the anon’s choice. Prepare yourself for angry people…
Nocturne Dragon: Wait, is that the sun I see..? Muse now will be unable to move in sunlight!
Ochredrake: Muse cannot think anything without saying it out loud anymore! Better get rid of those dirty thoughts…
Olive Dragon: Muse is now an animal of anon’s choice!
Paper Dragon: Muse is flat and fragile like paper.
Pillow Dragon: Mmm, fluffy…. Muse wants to hug everyone!
Pink Dragon: It’s time for our beloved… GENDERBEND!
Pumpkin Dragon: Muse will be bound to a certain object [anon’s choice]. Whatever happens to the object happens to the muse too!
Purple Dragon: Muse will be extremely innocent. How was i made, mommy?
Pygmy Dragon: Muse is now tiny! How tiny exactly? Well, that’s up to the anon….
Red Dragon: Muse just wants to destroy a couple of villages. Maybe throw a few cities in there too.
Red-finned Tidal Dragon: Muse dances non-stop.
Ribbon Dancer: Muse has to sing everything they say in song lyrics.
Ridgewing Dragon: Muse is happy and smiles at all times. Even if their best friend just died.
Rosebud Dragon: Muse only likes the smell of [anon’s choice] and will attempt to make everything smell like that.
Royal Blue Dragon: Where are my servants? Muse thinks they are a prince/princess!
Royal Crimson Dragon: The title ‘Royal’ is there for a reason. Muse becomes extremely arrogant!
Seasonal Dragon: Muse’s personality becomes centered around a certain season… Winter? Cold! Summer? Extremely excitable!
Seawyrm Pygmy: Muse becomes a magical girl. No, there aren’t refunds on Soul Gems.
Seragamma Wyvern: Muse loses [anon’s choice] until they kill someone…or get killed.
Shadow Walker: Muse becomes nearly invisible.
Shallow Water Dragon: Is this what happened to Haru? Muse will feel somewhat stra- IS THAT A POOL?!
Shimmer-scale Dragon: Muse is extremely wanted by everyone for some reason… Who doesn’t want to own your muse?
Silver Dragon: Muse glows. A lot.
Skywing Dragon: Muse will gain wings. That’s all. Nothing else. Just wings.
Snow Angel Dragon: Muse is slowly freezing! If they don’t get warmed up, they’ll be unable to move, speak and eventually die!
Soulpeace Dragon: Muse switches personalities with someone.
Speckle-throated Dragon: Muse switches bodies with someone.
Spitfire Dragon: Muse just wants to see blood, and will hurt themselves.
Spotted Greenwing: Muse will try to hug everyone they see.
Stone Dragon: Why is it so hard to walk? Muse remains their normal self, but becomes incredibly heavy!
Striped Dragon: Where did you go? Muse will be able to get the same color as anything they touch!
Sunrise Dragon: Muse is an angel.
Sunset Dragon: Muse is an demon.
Sunsong Amphiptere: Jackpot! Muse will have AMAZING luck!
Sunstone Dragon: Muse's spirit is bound to a certain object [anon's choice] and they will have to find their body back.
Swallowtail Dragon: Muse is a minor god/goddess of [anon's choice]
Sweetling Dragon: Muse will beg, scream and even attack, just to get their favorite [anon’s choice]
Terrae Dragon: Muse cannot sleep and will feel the need to work all day.
Thunder Dragon: Muse will shock to anyone who comes too close.
Tinsel Dragon: Muse will be hopelessly in love with [anon's choice].
Tri-Horn Wyvern: Muse is extremely, extremely ill. Hallucinations, vomiting and blood with a chance of death!
Tsunami Wyvern: Muse will be incredibly manipulative.
Turpentine Dragon: My bed is the most popular tourist attraction. Muse is drunk!
Two-Finned Bluna: Muse wants to kiss/hug/[anon's choice] everyone in their inbox!
Two-Headed Dragon: Muse is split into two different versions. Anon decides personalities.
Two-Headed Lindwurm: Muse will be an animal hybrid. Anon decides the animal.
Ultraviolet Dragon: Muse will have hallucinations.
Valentine Dragon: Muse will randomly speak their thoughts about someone out loud.
Vampire Dragon: Muse will want to drink nothing but blood.
Water Dragon: Is that a tail..? Muse is a mermaid/man.
Water Walker Dragon: Muse can walk on paths made on water and air, but they're thin and slippery.
Waterhorse Dragon: Muse will be soaking wet at all times, no matter how much they have been in the sun.
Whiptail Dragon: Muse cannot feel emotions anymore.
White Dragon: Muse will heal any wounds immediately and is unable to get sick.
Winter Magi Dragon: Muse finds a book of spells in their hands! Will they use it for good or for bad?
Wrapping-Wing Dragon: Muse is turned into a toy, only able to speak and walk.
Yellow-Crowned Dragon: Pack your stuff, we’re going to the desert! Muse will want to stay in the sun as long as possible.
Yulebuck Dragon: Wait, really? Muse will believe anything they’re told, from lies to insults.
Zombie Dragon: Braaaaains……

*drunk* "Come on, Boyue! Let's cheer of BENEVOLENCE!!!!!" ((ohnononono... trouble~ XD)) (abandoned-shu-general)


"Hey you. how have you've been?"

"Tired today… But I actually slept longer than I normally do."


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Stretching, Tong opened his eyes, sitting up with a wince as his lower back popped loudly. He’d been laying down for quite a while; if anyone caught on that he had wandered off, he was bound for trouble. 

The sound of something settling softly on the grass caught his attention, and his pulse leaped as he turned to look. Quickly rising to his feet, his hands drifted to the iron claws dangling from his belt. He hadn’t expected company here - this was the first time he’d seen another person around at this hour, and he didn’t handle surprises well.


"W-what are you doing here?" he stammered, sounding more scared than intimidating. "Who…Who are you?"

The outburst gave him a small chuckle as the man woke up and noted the strategist. A smile came to his lips, as his brown eyes looked over to the rather scared person (to his thought and sound).

But, this was not a battle he wanted. And Boyue wanted to be clear about that very much.

"My apologies my Lord, for startling you. I came here looking for peace as I work, not for battle." yet, he was more than a little willing to at least disarm the individual, "As for who I am, I am Jiang Wei. And yourself?"

Mun stares at Jiang Wei's ponytail




"… My Lady?"


Of course, he didn’t know what she meant by her words. It was just a personal reason to keep it long, and to shorten it just didn’t seem right.

"I do not know how I should take such an undeserving compliment…"


" Well take it as a compliment ! you just really look good with that long hair of yours  that you seem to manage it almost every single day!"

"It is not at all hard to do… Seeing as I have done it for a good majority of my life. My mother loved my hair long, so I kept it long."


The most dangerous ships of all are the ones where you’re like heh this is kinda cute, I guess I ship it a little.

That’s how it starts man.

That’s how it fucking starts. 

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